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FC Pools & Spas's Guide to Hiring a Swimming Pool Contractor

Whether you are installing a new pool, repairing an existing pool, or having some maintenance done, it is best to find a licensed professional to do the job. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but it is still recommended that you use a licensed, bonded, and insured pool professional.

For some major repairs, a contractor's license is required for legal reasons. Check with your state licensing board to ascertain which licenses are required for the type of work you need done. Then, check the license of your pool professional to be sure everything is in order. As a general rule, check the following for any pool contractor or maintenance service:

Swimming Pool Maintenance Companies - What To Look For

Both chlorine and saltwater pools have specific maintenance needs and pool professionals can keep both types of pools running efficiently year round. Services range from basic repairs, pool opening & closing, and saltwater pool conversions.

A few of the problems include:

  • Water clarity
  • Chlorine and chemical problems
  • Equipment failure
  • Leaks
  • Debris backflow
  • Pool Opening & Closing
  • Pool Maintenance & Service
  • Saltwater Conversions & Services

Common Swimming Pool Repairs

Owning a swimming pool comes with a lot responsibilities - most of which focus on maintenance and pool repairs. Below you will find information and advice on some of the most common pool repairs. If an issue persists or is not an easy fix, contact FC Pools & Spas - a professional resource - to assess the situation.

Pool Caulking Repair

Pool caulking between the pool and deck is very important to your swimming pool’s infrastructure. The pool and pool deck need to remain independent of each other; if they com in to contact, the pool tile may crack which may also be an indication that the "beam" that holds the tile and pool coping has cracked. Not a good sign.

Pool coping, beam, and pool tile may also be damaged by water that will freeze and expand with changes in climate. The one pool repair that can ward off all of these dangers is ensuring that the caulk in the expansion joint between the pool deck and the pool itself is maintained.

Swimming Pool Installation

Installing a swimming pool has never been easier, pre-fabricated units are engineered for simplicity without compromising any functionality. a professional pool system is constructed entirely out of steel and wrapped in specialty coatings to ensure long term durability with limited lifetime maintenance. Your system should include all of the components needed for a fully functional swimming pool. Not to mention that most pools can be installed in-ground, semi in-ground or above ground, whatever suits your backyard best.

Above-Ground Pool Installation

A new pool is no fun until it's holding water and proper installation is extremely important. In fact, nothing will get you heated up more than an incorrectly installed pool. Some of the problems that result from badly installed above ground pools may include uneven floors or a buckled/wrinkled liners. It's much better - and less expensive - to do it right the first time. Many homeowners decide to tackle this project themselves. Here are some guidelines to help you install your new pool.

What you ideally need to do is:

  • Present your swimming pool plan
  • Avail to them the drawing and design that indicate all dimensions
  • Attach other necessary requirements and fill all information

After that, a surveyor will be sent to your place to assess whether or not it meets the minimum requirements for constructing the above-ground swimming pool.

If the reviewer finds out that you’ve complied with all the specific requirements, sooner or later you’ll get the construction permit.

In-ground Pool Installation

Without a swimming pool design and plan, then everything you are trying to do will only be a waste of time and resources.

First, you need to figure out the type of in ground swimming pool you want to construct.

Is it a rectangular, square, circular or an irregular shaped swimming pool?

Basically, the entire process involves the following critical stages:

  • Designing and planning
  • Get a construction permit
  • Marking out and excavating the area
  • Install pool walls or panels
  • Install plumbing and electrical systems
  • Pour concrete floor and build walls
  • Do necessary finishing
  • Fill the swimming pool
  • Install a swimming pool enclosure
  • Landscaping

Questions to Ask Your Pool Company

Are you licensed?

Are you insured?

How do you handle customer service?

How much do you charge?

Who do your friend have clean their pools?

Owning a Pool: What You Should Know

When you reflect on the summers of your childhood, some of your fondest memories were probably spent in the water. Maybe your family owned their own custom swimming pool and this led you to develop a passion for swimming and a thirst for the fun that only a pool can provide. Regardless of where these desires were sparked, you are now considering building your own custom pool at your home.

If you are still undecided whether to invest in a swimming pool, there's good news - building a swimming pool is a wise investment and increases your property value. If that isn’t reason enough, here are the many benefits of pool ownership.

  • Beneficial to Your Health
  • Fun for the Friends and Family
  • Increase Property Value
  • Enjoy Quality Time Outdoors

DIY Pool Repairs

Having a pool is more than just a luxury. It is a great place to bond with the family, relax, and get proper exercise. A pool deck is an essential part of a pool area. It needs to be in good shape to make sure that it is safe to walk on it, even with bare feet. However, a concrete pool deck can acquire damage due to exposure to outdoor weather changes, foot traffic, and pool water. Before long, cracks and other surface blemishes will be evident. Replacing the slab may be a possible solution but it is not the most practical one. There are concrete pool deck repair solutions that can be done to restore the deck and make it functional again. If you’re thinking of doing your own concrete pool deck repair, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A crack is always indicative of damage. There are two kinds of cracks: working and non-working. A working crack is a recurring crack caused by something that happens regularly, like subgrade movement. A non-working crack does not recur and, thus, much easier to repair.
  • Uneven slabs are dangerous as people may trip on the raised concrete. Any sign of shifting would indicate an improperly compacted subgrade underneath.
  • Potholes are not only ugly, they can be uncomfortable to walk on. This is a sign of a weak and brittle top concrete layer.
  • Concrete is a very porous material so it has a high tendency to stain and discolor. While this is not that serious and urgent, it could totally ruin the aesthetics and value of the entire pool area.

Knowledge is Power

Maintaining a swimming pool is relatively simple but essential to the operation and efficiency of the equipment and cleanliness of the water. On our website you will find definitions, explanations and instructions on the proper care and pool maintenance with water chemistry information.

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